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There have been many many deaths in numerous fan fictions, and here they will be listed. Many are inventive, some are simple, all are brutal.

Beware Of Death's Plan - Mr. Pancho2012[]

1) Roy Scalo - A tow truck smashes into him. Most like died from blunt force trauma to the head.

2) Trent Matthews - Killed when his racecar exploded, sending it's gear shaft through his chest and into his heart.

3) Pierre Winter - Stabbed through the back of the head by a knife, and then fell face-first into a deep fryer.

4) Paula Romero - Electrocuted alive.

5) Eliza "Liz" Martin - Impaled through the skull by a drill.

6) Chris Peralta - Impaled through the chest by a shard of glass.

7) Victoria Moore (Impaled through the back of the head by a musket)

8) Robert Winters - Killed himself by smashing into a train.

Final Destination 4: Temetis Messor - mainframe56[]

1) Jerry Griever - Shot through his jaw and into his brain by his own pistol.

2) Sebastian (Seb) - Knocked threw a window by a sand bag, and then burnt alive in a burning dumpster.

3) Zack - Decapitated by automatic doors after collapsing as a result of his arm being cut off by the same door.

4) Pheobe - Decapitated by a record.

5) Brett Edwards - Impaled by a spike as a result of a mattress pushing him into it.

6) Alexa Cole - Crushed and impaled by a falling mirror.

7) Zoe - Cut in half by a wire.

8) Leo - Crushed by falling car.

9) Danny - Surfboard smashing into his face at high velocity.

10) Sam - Hit by high speed truck

Final Destination: A Club to Die For - JunKing[]

1) Frederick Aalders - Neck snapped as a result of his scarf being caught in a fan and dragging him back.

2) Cassandra - Icicle fell of a tree branch and plunged into her temple.

3) Drew - Cut in half by a metal sheet from a truck.

4) Joe - Face and Head cut in half vertically to his lower lip by a meat cutter blade.

5) Lois - Accidently inhaled hair dye instead of cough syrup, and thus was poisoned and killed.

6) Tobias Rabe - Impaled on a spiked fence after falling from a ladder.

7) Emma - Face smashed in by a speeding van's door.

8) Peter Colon - Killed in an explosion in his house.

Final Destination: Highway to Hell[]

1) Bobby Monrue- ripped in half by a tow truck hook

2) William Bludworth- Head caved in by a loose pipe

3) Josh Rocket- Blown apart by a gas explosion

4) Mickey Way- cut in half vertically by a escape ladder

5) Haley Evans- crushed by a trailer

6) Kelly Fischer- Diced into cubes by a fence

7)Raven Gwennyth- shoots herself in the head trying to prove a point

8) Zach Burman- head grinded in by a drill

9) Ryan Fuller- Jaw ripped off by a pipe

10) Paige Calloway(reveal to have lived in Over the Edge)- choppeed to bits by a fan blade

11) Alicia Simmons( Unkonwn if dead or no)- head bashed against concrete

Final Destination: Over the Edge[]

1) Richard Burman- Head cut in two by bobsled blade

2) Bryce Evergreen- Head split open in car accident

3) Caleb O'Neil- dies of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

4) Cameron Young- Crushed by an elevator

5) Preston Moneith- impaled through neck by gutter

6) Isabel Schruder- diced in half by car hood/ crushed against a tree

7) Bobby Frost- Shot in the chest with a harpoon, before being pulled backwards

8) Adie- Shot in stomach with a rock

9) Minette- Upper half of body crushed by truck

10) Antonio Moretti- Head died in half by a lisence plate

11) Lori Milligan- crushed by a luggage cart

Final Destination: Destination Hell[]

1) Jay-Lee Wong- Head blown apart by cell phone exploasion

2) Gemma Laurance - Hung on own elastic cord when mountain climbing

3) Bill Green - Doors malfunction on tour bus and Bill falls out (killing him on impact with the ground)

Final Destination: The Haunting of The North Bay Bridge[]

1) Carlos Dean- Head crushed by a statcue

2) Larry Fort- Impaled by a sword

3) James Pittman- Falls off four stores

4) Treeq Fredro- Bones crushes

5) Hakeem Fredro- Hook went on his head

6) Penny Flick- Crushed by a falling glass

7) Tommy Finkle- Wrench went flying to his eyes

8) Lily Lawton- Cut in half

9) Richard Lawton- Crushed by a safe

10) Julie Portman- Stabbed in the chest and falls down nine stores by Katie

Final Destination: Horror on the High Seas[]

1) Richard Nicholson - Decapitated by the garage door

2) Jim Reed - Electrocuted by a big, high voltage wire

3) Anna Nicholson - Decapitated by a circular saw

4) Nick Holloway - Impaled in the eye by a drill

5) Nathalie Parker - Crushed by a giant sign

6) Jack Carpenter - Incinerated in the tanker explosion

7) Jamie Burns (visionary) - Incinerated in the tanker explosion

8) Lars Christensen - Smashed by the tanker's wheel

Final Destination: The Lift of Death[]

1) Aaron Fort - Crushed by the bus

2) Rick Holloway - Ran over by a pick-up truck

3) Jeffrey Witherdale - Blown apart by the lift explosion

4) Lilly Parker - Impaled vertically by an iron bar

5) Robin Hall - Face hit by multiple glass shards

6) Kim Worthington - Crushed by a giant sign

7) Justin Pittman - Impaled by the iron bars at the the construction site

8) Elaine Schneider - Crushed by a large pillar

9) Anton Schneider - Throat cut off by a big glass shard on the train

10) Lisette Haner - Drowned when the train flew into the sea

11) Thomas Atkins (visionary) - Mutilated by the engine of a ship passing by

Final Destination: Ending It All[]

1) Rachel Lee - Electrocuted by the toaster, boiling water spilled all over her, and falls off her balcony from two stories.

2) Noland Parker - Slips on a bottle of water, and his head falls back on the electric saw, shredding it.

3) Natalia Cortez - Water spills on the record player's outlet, causing it to malfunction. She selects a song, only for it to explode on the inside, send glass flying at her, and a record shoots out and decapitates her.

4) Jeffery Dickson - His necklace gets caught on the fan, which tugs it back, slicing through his throat. He then falls out the hotel window, falling ten stories.

5) Lillian Anderson - While she was on the driveway, the car rolled down, ran her over, with the tire crushing her skull.

6) Darrell Jones - He intervened Nicole's death, which causes a large pole which a car crashed into to collapse, and crush him.

7) Nicole Gibson - She returns home, but the computer monitor explodes, as Aaron had cheated death unknowing to her, and slashes her throat.

Final Destination 6 - Benji Hudson[]

Alice - Landslide.

Lift Operator - Impaled with icicle.

Dave - Ceiling fan dropped on his head tearing up and destroying skull.

Sarah Stine - Slips head-first into deep fryer, face and most of upper torso melted, giant metal letter dropped on and sliced through whole body.

Kayla - Choked by chicken drumstick jammed through mouth and out throat.

Claire Straub - TBC

Jake - TBC

Benji Payne - TBC

Karey Allan - TBC

Ysabela Poe - TBC

Brandon Blake - TBC

Robyn Blackwood - TBC

Jade Allan - TBC

Alex - TBC

Morgan - TBC

Jimsey King - TBC

Jennifer - TBC

Stacey - TBC

Final Destination 7 by ClaireVader[]

0) Toby, Emma, Jesse, Jenna, Diana, Mrs. Phase, and 256 others - terrorist attack

1) Carolyn Gallows - fell off a building and is impaled through the stomach by a fire hydrant

2) Britney Fan - head crushed by a ceiling light

3) Jacob Chun - decapitated by a bathroom stall door

4) Jonah Starling - Throat ripped apart by screw in a kids place

5) Mikey Moody - crushed by two cars on road and killed by shrapnel

6) Joseph - impaled through neck by glass when trying to vandalize a house

7) Victoria Perry - neck broken by ropes, and cut in half by a drum cymbal

8) Cassandra Banks - crushed by floor scrubbing machine that fell from the 6th floor

9) Courtney Cheung - electrocuted by water in hotel room

10) Daniel Francesco - crushed by wrecking ball

11) Abigail Matherson - crushed by wrecking ball

Final Destination: Death's Force by Freezing Death[]

0) 106 victims ~ Fiery and explosive crash of Train 801

1) Michelle Wright ~ Drowned and scalded inside her bathtub.

2) Delia Waters ~ Snapped in half and shredded by a plastic processing machine.

3) Delilah Stokes ~ Waist torn apart and shredded by the same machine.

4) Death.. Doesn't like to be cheated. It will come.

Coming soon


Premonition: A group of Friends go on a train trip elsewhere to celebrate graduation. When crossing a bridge, the train derails, leaving the passengers plummeting into the ocean and crashing against the rocks along the coast line.

1.) Tabetha White: Organ failure after being poisoned by bleach.

2.) Ethan Spring: Head crushed by car clamp in garage.

3.) Diago Raskavani: Head split in half vertically by meat cleaver propelled at high velocity.

4.) Lily Simm: Hung off balcony of flat by Christmas tinsel.

5.) Catherine Miles: TBC

6.) James Fisher: TBC

7.) Mel Devon: TBC

8.) Annie McCain: TBC

9.) Daniel Robbin: TBC

10.) Jodie Stevens: TBC

11.) Rachel Stevens (main protagonis): TBC

Final Destination: Spring Break by JuliusIsASkrub

0) Brandon Green - Incinerated in car explosion.

1) Deputy Kenny Alford - Hit by semi truck.

2) Henry James - Impaled by forklift.

3) Lucy Pierce - Lower body crushed by 2 cars.

4) Macy Myers - Cut in half by boat propeller, drowned.

5) Jake Coleman - Neck broken by bricks.

6) Michelle Roberts - Head bludgeoned by multiple bricks

7) Julian Ferguson - Decapitated by swinging scythe.

8) Zoey Weaver - Impaled by statue.

9) Kyle Silva - Bisected by speeding ambulance.

10) (MAIN CHARACTER) Charlotte Harper - Impaled in the back by pole at the drive-in theater.

11) (MAIN CHARACTER) Andrew Lynch - Incinerated by car explosion at the drive-in theater.

Final Destination: Patient Zero[]

1) Thelma Hurton - Skull shredded by falling motor drill, pierced by sharp glass shards from the windshield, mangled in car crash.

2) Ben Hurton - pierced and sliced by flying debris and shrapnel from car accident, mangled in car crash.

3) 1,329 Victims - Killed after Cortney Braith Hospital collapsed.

4) Tammie Kaylee - Impaled through neck and face by kitchen knife and broken plate after tripping onto an open dishwasher.

5) Alvin Moore - Crushed by falling pine tree after it had been struck by lightning

Final destination: Deaths Way (With a kill count)[]

1) 7 drivers at the start - Car crash

2)Thomas Huddson (Tommy) Tack flung into eye by lego mechanics and then backing up off the balcony falling 10 stories onto a car

3) Melissa Ramerez- Head crushed by station wagon wheel

4) Tammy Nolans- slipped on puddle of water and fell onto leaning up scissors

5) Jonathan Tanner- Burnt in house fire

6)1553 Bridge Car crash victims (And/or Car flipping over the side of the bridge) Including Owen McJalen-Hit off the side of the bridge by a car door and Jenna Lenni-Hit by a car that skidded off of the bridge

7) Conner Lami- Flying pole to face Making a big big dent in his skull

8) Jackson Orian- Turned into Jam between the wall and the subway train

9) 67 other train riders-Either died offscreen or were just dead bodies

10) Rari Mandan- Split in half vertacly by solar pannel

11) Charlotte Reenee (Shark)- Shredded by Plane engine

12) Kaitlin Maria (Kate)-Hung on clothesline by accident

13)Lara Yari -Fell off roof while renovating getting impaled by a tree

14) Theo Callen- Hit by Shard of glass in face (end of movie)

Kill Count: 7 Female 6 Male 1627 Idk Gender

All Skips: Charlotte Reenee: Supposed to be number 8 Lara Yari: Supossed to be number 3 Thats all