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Drake Anderson
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Drake Anderson


Vancouver, Canada






April 14th, 1989


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Drake Anderson is a fictional character from Freezing Death's fanfiction, Final Destination: Death's Force. He lives in Mt. Abraham, in New York and survived the Train 801 crash, by never entering the train. He is the visionary of the story, witnessing a terrifying premonition of the train crash, and saving many people who were meant to die on the train.

He has not died so far ~ this story is still incomplete.

Early Life[]

Drake was born to his father as an only child in 1989, as his mother died during his birth. He was born in Vancouver, Canada, but moved within his first month of birth to Mt. Abraham. He was miraculously saved with no harm done to him, though his mother could not be saved. He still feels guilty, over two decades on. He is close to his father, and treasures him, he is like a role model to Drake. He believes his father is a good man, and has always followed his good lessons. In his first school, he was repeatedly bullied for seven years, but as a teenager, he became very popular. He met Mina when they were both 8, and they became best friends, spending time with each other a lot. He told all his problems to her when he was bullied, and Mina shared her family problems. They had many intimate conversations, going to the same middle school, when they realized that their feelings for each other were more than friendship. They have been dating since they were both 14. When Drake was 12, he was travelling to go on vacation, and witnessed a horrifying pileup on a road called Route 23. The car swerved away, and luckily, Mina, his father and him were unharmed.

Character Summary[]

Drake is a tall, smart and successful guy. He is 26 years old, with light brown hair, cut quite short but with a long fringe he spikes up every day. He has deep green eyes, described by Mina as dreamy. His body is quite well-built and athletic, as he enjoys almost all sports. His skin is slightly tanned. Surprisingly, he works as a video game tester, which was always his dream since he was a young child, even though he is very well-educated. He is paid quite a large sum for this job, though it is more difficult than it may seem. He is dating Mina, and is best friends with Sarah and Freddy. He is very compassionate and caring, protecting all of his friends and helping them out when in trouble. He is considered sexy, and has a good sense of humour.

Final Destination: Death's Force[]


Drake has not died yet.



  • The author was thinking of killing off Drake during the Train 801 disaster and having a new twist on Final Destination, but decided against it.