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Freddy Clark
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Birth Name

Freddy Clark


New York City, New York






February 1st, 1991


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Freddy Clark is a fictional character from Freezing Death's fanfiction, Final Destination: Death's Force. He lives in Mt. Abraham, in New York and is a survivor of the Train 801 crash, escaping his fate by running away from a man he had accidentally angered by knocking his phone out of his hand. He is best friends with Drake and Mina, and the twin of Sarah Clark.

He has not died so far ~ this story is still incomplete.

Early Life[]

Freddy was born in early 1991, only 30 minutes before Sarah's birth. They were born in New York City, and moved to Mt. Abraham when Freddy was 8. He has always been very close to Sarah, thinking of her as a best friend as well as a twin. They were inseparable through childhood, as teenagers, and are still best friends now, sharing an apartment. They are very kind to each other, and have always helped each other out with their problems, no matter what the cost. Freddy has always been there to protect Sarah. Neither of the twins have ever liked their father much, but they are both close to their mother. Their mother also dislikes their father. They divorced when Freddy was 17, and Freddy was happy about it. He helps support his parents when they need it.

Character Summary[]

Freddy is the exact same height as Sarah, and of a similar height to Drake. He has brown hair like Sarah, and has green eyes too. He is extremely similar in appearance to Sarah, sometimes even being called the male version of Sarah, or vice versa. He works in an independent shop selling candy and junk food opposite Cafe Soleil. Not surprisingly, the shop is popular with children, as is Freddy. Freddy is kind, but often eats too much without realizing. He is also quite short-tempered.

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