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Mina Davis
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Birth Name

Amelia Davis


Mt. Abraham, New York






December 30th, 1989


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Death Position

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Mina Davis is a fictional character from Freezing Death's fanfiction, Final Destination: Death's Force. She lives in Mt. Abraham, in New York and survived the Train 801 crash, by following Drake after his panic from his vision. She is the girlfriend of Drake Anderson. She is also best friends with the Clark twins, Sarah and Freddy.

She has not died so far ~ this story is still incomplete.

Early Life[]

Mina was born at the very end of 1989, being 25 years old now. She was born in Mt. Abraham, New York. She was born only a year after her older sister Veronica, who she has never taken a liking to. They have kept their distance from each other for the entirety of Mina's life. She met Drake when they were very young, and has been dating him since they were 14. She talks to her parents occasionally, but never really liked them.  When she was 6, she rashly decided she detested her name, and insists everyone calls her Mina. Ever since, if she meets anyone, she introduces herself as Mina. Many are unaware she is really called Amelia. She has had to deal with huge family problems since she was 5, resulting in her parents' eventual divorce when she was 18. Drake helped her through the toughest times.

Character Summary[]

Mina is sassy and confident, but can be very cute. Most people who pass her by describe her as cute, girly, or a description like that. Yet when people get to know her, they think otherwise. She may be cute, but she isn't always so girly and angelic. She cares a lot for her friends. She is of an average height, being about a head smaller than Drake. She has flowing red locks, and she loves to dip dye her hair. Her hair currently has a bubblegum pink colour at the end. Her eyes are hazel, and her skin is pale. She works as a waitress in a small corner cafe called Cafe Soleil. As the wage is not so high, she slightly relies on Drake. She is flirted with regularly by men, even while doing her job, but is very loyal to Drake.

Final Destination: Death's Force[]